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Proud of Our Alum, The Deep Voice Guy!

We were excited to have a great visit from one of our outstanding alumnus, Jean-Francois Donaldson. He shared a lot of information about his job as a voice actor, stuntman and musical performer with our students. He visited with grades 4-8 in a morning assembly and visited 3rd grade where he heard their attempts at interesting voices. He had a great message about not being afraid to be different. In his words: he was a nerd who was into pokemon cards and comics when they weren't popular. Even as the "class clown" he was honing his craft to mimic voices and practice martial arts, drama and more skills that would serve him well in the future.

He also shared with the 3rd grade that he and three of his friends loved to skateboard so much that they went to the city and got the skating park behind Bode Ice Arena started! It was really a fun and inspiring visit. You can see and hear more about it in the News-Press and on KQ-2 and KNPN TV website archived stories.

If your kids come home wanting to try out weird voices or take an interest in martial arts, doing stunts or being in the next play, don't say I didn't warn you!

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