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This is Why We choose St. Francis

Parents report a number of reasons why they chose St. Francis Xavier School for their child's education and formation.

+++I love the peers and families who attend the school. I also love the faith-based curriculum that supports their learning. The teachers do their very best with the resources and learning tools they are provided. I value the teachers' work.

+++I love that SFX feels more like a family. I know my children are getting a fabulous education in a wholesome loving and caring environment.

+++I like the community that is has given us. We have met most of our friends through SFX. We also have been thoroughly impressed with our teachers since we started at SFX.

+++I feel that SFX is an environment that provides my child with a safe and nurturing place day to day. I love that we have class sizes of around 15 that allows the teacher to give individualized attention to each student. I feel that our school is leaps and bounds above public schools in our surrounding areas in academics and parental involvement.

+++We love the entire staff at St. Francis. It's a wonderful school full of teachers and staff members that truly care about our children.

+++The teaching staff is wonderful. Every member of the staff truly cares about the success of the students, and it is obvious that the teachers value the school and their students. The environment in the school is very positive and welcoming.

+++I like the community/family feel, the Early Childhood Center, the teachers, the project based learning that takes place, the rigor of curriculum and the high expectations. And of all things...I love that my child has Jesus in their everyday school life and is able to really learn about her faith.

+++The students are given a variety of opportunities to get involved in activities that develop their intellectual, spiritual, athleticism, community service and other outreach opportunities that teach them to pray and help others.

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