Virtues Abound!

Our virtue of the month has been on display numerous times in the last few days. The children have been learning about the virtue of prudence. They have been learning that this virtue is about knowing what is right and then choosing to do it by following their conscience. At Mass today the 2nd grade choir and readers took what they heard to heart. We heard Fr. Bill and Jesus talk about loving God and one's neighbor as the great commandment. Out of love for God and the rest of us, they did a fantastic job singing out and reading the readings very clearly and with smiles! The other students acted with prudence as well when they left the church in silent respect for the Blessed Sacrament on the altar on this First Friday.

When it comes to kindness and prudent conduct, we are blessed to have such great students at SFX. For the most part, students know how to handle themselves with respect toward our substitute teachers, guest speakers and other community members they come across. My prayer is that your child's conscience is becoming properly formed at school and in partnership with you, your child's primary teacher. Being prudent and mindful of technology tools is another way you can ensure their conscience is properly formed. See the "wellness matters" section to review ways you can help.

This weekend is also Safe Haven Sunday when our Bishop raises our awareness of the issue of pornography and how parents can help their children navigate their use of mobile devices, computers and mobile devices. Please read the Bishop's letter in the parish bulletin this weekend. To get started you can text, "SAFEKIDS" to 66866.

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