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OUR values

St. Francis Xavier School is dedicated to delivering an outstanding, well-rounded Catholic education.  A family atmosphere exists in all of our classrooms, where we teach students from three year old pre-school to eighth grade.   As a member of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, we are accredited by the AdvancEd and Missouri Non-Public Accrediting Association. We follow the curriculum guidelines and standards of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph and constantly educate our teaching professionals on the latest best instructional practices.


From as young as three years old, students are excited to learn about the world around them. Our faculty is dedicated to providing the best educational curriculum through the use of highly engaging instructional practices. Students who graduate from St. Francis go on to be the leaders in their high schools, colleges and professions thanks to the rigorous education received in their formative elementary and middle school years.


Parents at St. Francis Xavier constantly refer to the "St. Francis Family" as the network of teachers, parents and school staff which supports their child. Parents in our community are happy to know that their child is in good hands whether in the classroom, on many study trips or celebrating events outside school.. 

One mother put it well: “I work full time and do not get nearly as much time with my child as I would like,but she spends every day all week long with a teacher that seems to care for her and each child as if they were her own family." Click here to read more of what our parents have to say about our school.

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Guided By Christ

Serving and worshiping Christ and his people is one of our hallmarks. We start the day in our classroom with prayers to our Lord, pray before meals and end the day as a school in prayer asking for his guidance and protection.

Our students offer thousands of hours of service to the church community of St. Francis and our neighbors of St. Joseph. From warm clothing drives to read-a-thons to support literacy worldwide, we long to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Called to Lead

St. Francis Xavier Student Council is a vibrant and vital group of student leaders who have raised thousands of dollars in support of local, national and worldwide social justice efforts. They work to lead the entire school to embrace the social justice teachings of the church through annual penny wars, pet food drives, recycling programs and more.

Older students also get leadership experience in their interactions with lower grade students. They often visit their classrooms to help with service projects or academic activities.

Engaged Through Innovation

When it comes to innovation and engagement we strive to take our students to the next level. St. Francis Xavier School has been recognized as one of the top 30 schools to receive the Khan Academy LearnStorm Award for student engagement. Our teachers use apps such as BLOOMZ and sycamoreeducation to promote parent involvement. St, Francis has multiple Google Certified Teachers on our staff. 

Dedicated Parents

The St. Francis Xavier Home and School Association (HASA) is an organization made up of every parent and teacher in the St. Francis family. As a group, they support events such as the annual auction, anti-bullying presentations and many study trips throughout the school year. This partnership helps us live out our mission: "To partner with families to provide children with a strong foundation in academics and faith, based on Catholic principles." Click here to read what our parents have to say about our school.

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