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what our parents AND ALUMS

are saying

  • “Where we live, the public school is an amazing school with very high test scores. But we are selecting to send our daughter to Saint Francis because of the faith-based curriculum, she loves her peers, and more importantly she loves the teachers."


  • All of my three littler kids are better people because of the Catholic education they are getting. Each have discussed and demonstrated character traits like respect, stewardship, and love. I know they are learning about these things at school as well as at home and in church.


  • As a parent, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a faith-based education.  St. Francis Xavier is a gift to our son and our entire family.  With remarkable leadership, Mr. Darin Pollard paves the path for the students to succeed with high standards with respect to faith, character, service, compassion, and academic excellence.  The teachers and staff at St. Francis infuse faith-filled lessons with the outstanding curriculum that enriches our son’s mind and Catholic faith daily.  We feel blessed to be a part of the St. Francis Xavier School family.  -Rustin and Amanda-Fay Moore

  • "I have two sons in the ECC, for me it was so important to send my children to a Catholic School because I wanted them to have a chance to not only develop their education, but develop their faith, kindness and love to other people, giving, and charity. I love that we can parent hand in hand with the school knowing that they are getting the same message in both aspects of their lives. Both my sons come home excited about what they are learning and doing at school. And their faith knowledge has grown exponentially. I knew we were going to the right school when one day we were sitting in church and my older son asked me why Mary and Jesus were always pictured with a snake. I answered that it was Eve's snake, the one that had tricked her into not listening to God. To which my son answered "so, Jesus destroyed Eve's snake". To make a connection like that, was not only Holy Spirit inspired, but nurtured my his home and school. I will always be thankful for this school and community."


  • However, deeper in me, although this attitude didn't permit me to acknowledge it, I was fond of SFX, and I think most of my classmates today would probably share similar feelings. More than simply being fond of the school though, hindsight has led me to a much greater appreciation of my brief Catholic education at SFX. Christ was the focal point of the school, in both overt and subtle ways, and there cannot be a more sure foundation. 


  • At the time, I did not realize the slow formation taking place in me due to the nature of being in a clearly Catholic environment day in and day out. You cannot underestimate the value of Christ infused into a child's education, and SFX provided that for me. I would encourage anyone considering to send their children to SFX, to think about the benefits of the truly Catholic education that it would provide.

                           - Andy Mattingly, Alumnus

                            Priest, Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph


  • “I work full time and do not get nearly as much time with my child as I would like, but she spends every day all week long with a teacher that seems to care for her and each child as if they were her own family.”


  • “I like the small class sizes. I like knowing the other children, their parent’s and all the teachers.


  • “Major strengths of Saint Francis are the faith based education and the fact that school feels like a family.”

  • Catholic schools not only provide the academic rigor to discover the “how” of something, but also the freedom to discuss the “why” of something, and that has been a valuable tool in my quest to discover truth.

                     - Stephen D. Minnis,

                       St. Francis Graduate and President, Benedictine College


  • We have three daughters who graduated from St. Francis Xavier,  our oldest graduated from SFX in 2004.  She went on to  graduate with a triple major from William Jewell College in 2012. She  teaches special education and is pursuing her masters degree in child development.  My middle daughter graduated SFX in 2005. Went to UMKC nursing school in 2013, is a registered nurse on the Hematology/Oncology floor at Children's Mercy and is pursuing her Nurse Practioner's degree at Creighton.  Our youngest daughter,  SFX class of 2007, graduated in 3 1/2 years from Missouri Western State University and graduated with her MBA from UMKC after traveling to Seoul South Korea and London. The strong foundation from attending St Francis has greatly contributed to their success.

                        - Angela Sanders


  • Teachers at St. Francis taught me that hard work and results in the classroom correlate to success in life.  I continue to use these values that St. Francis taught me on a daily basis; in the workplace, in my social life, and in raising my family. 

                          - Matthew Robertson,

                            Principal; Construction, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP


  • “We want our daughter to get the good Catholic education she needs. I went to SFX from Pre-S to eighth grade and want her to experience all the good qualities and education I received.”



  • “I like the small class sizes. I like knowing the other children, their parent’s and ALL the teachers. You offer before and after care which I use.”


  • “We have been very pleased with my daughters’ education in the Early Child care program. That said us continuing to send her to SFX even though I teach in public school. I love the conversations she has with me about God and values.”


  • “We want him to have a well-rounded education from what we feel are the best teachers in the area. We want to see his faith incorporated into his daily activities.”


  • “Major strengths of Saint Francis are the faith based education and the fact that school feels like a family.”


  • “My son was much more prepared for the rigorous high school curriculum after his years of academic formation at Saint Francis. We are deeply indebted to the teachers of SFX for what they have done for him!

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