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Parents Love the Education and Formation Provided at St. Francis Xavier

"All of our children are better people because of the catholic education they are getting. Each have discussed and demonstrated character traits like respect, stewardship, and love. I know they are learning about these things at school as well as at home and in church."

"I have two sons in the ECC, for me it was so important to send my children to a Catholic School because I wanted them to have a chance to not only develop their education, but develop their faith, kindness and love to other people, giving, and charity. I love that we can parent hand in hand with the school knowing that they are getting the same message in both aspects of their lives. Both my sons come home excited about what they are learning and doing at school. And their faith knowledge has grown exponentially. I knew we were going to the right school when one day we were sitting in church and my older son asked me why Mary and Jesus were always pictured with a snake. I answered that it was Eve's snake, the one that had tricked her into not listening to God. To which my son answered "so, Jesus destroyed Eve's snake". To make a connection like that, was not only Holy Spirit inspired, but nurtured my his home and school. I will always be thankful for this school and community."


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